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My child goes to tuition lessons but is still getting low marks at school, how can I help my child improve their school?

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how can I help my child improve their school?

As a parent, you invest in your child’s tuition with the hope that the academic performance of your child will improve. By sending her to tuition, you have high hopes for the child’s career. Isn’t it? However many times, you do not get the desired results even after investing time and hefty sums of money on tuitions.

It hurts, right? It hurts even more when you are not sure where you are going wrong, and what you can do to actually improve your child’s performance at school. Well, if you are a parent struggling with the same issue, you need not worry anymore!

Here, we help you find answers to all your questions as far as tuitions and academic performance is concerned. We also tell you what you can do to help your child improve their school. Let’s start!

What can be the reasons for low performance at school?

Before we talk about solutions, it is very important to understand where the child or the tuition is lagging. There can be a number of reasons for the child’s low performance. We have listed some of them here.

1. Not finding classes interesting

Most often, your child is not able to perform well in school when she is not able to understand the concepts properly in the class. The biggest reason behind this is the child not finding the classes interesting. This is true as much for the tuition as it is for the child’s grammar school.

2. Difficulty in coping up with the syllabus

Many times, the tuition tends to follow the prescribed syllabus so diligently that it fails to check if every student is able to cope up with the pace of teaching or not. This happens particularly in the case of the tuitions which start testing the subject from the scratch and attempt to do a repetition of what is already being taught at the grammar school.

3. Embarrassment in talking to the teacher

One of the biggest reasons behind your child’s own performance at school can be her inability to communicate with the tuition teacher freely. This can be withering because of the teacher’s unapproachable nature of the child’s own sense of reluctance to approach the teacher for clarification of doubts or for better understanding.

Sometimes, the tuition does not simply provide to your child a platform through which academic doubts can be resolved. Whatever be the reason, unresolved doubts definitely have a negative impact on the child’s performance at school.

4. Lack of motivation in the child

One reason for the child’s low performance in school can also be a lack of motivation towards the studies. However, what is more, worrisome is the tuition or the school’s failure to ignite that spark of motivation. Needless to say, motivation is of prime importance and without a certain level of motivation in the child, you will never be able to see an improvement in the child’s academic performance.

What can be the reasons for low performance at school?

Is the current tuition really helping your child?

Now that you know about the probable reasons for your child’s low academic performance, the million-dollar question is, whether or not your child’s current tuition is helping to overcome these? Or even worse, is, by any chance, the tuition itself is contributing to these obstacles in learning and is a cause of the child’s dismal performance?

Well, if the answer is YES, it’s high time that you switch to a better and more productive online tuition.

What does your child actually need?

Your child needs tuition that caters to her requirements in a holistic manner. The best option in the present times is to go for online tuition. What are the features of good online tuition? Let us have a look.

Identification of learning gaps

The first and foremost thing that your child needs from tuition is the identification of the gaps in her learning. These gaps reflect the areas or concepts that the child has not been able to understand properly at the grammar school, and hence needs special attention through the online tuition. Identification of these gaps will eliminate the need for repeating the entire syllabus all over again and hence save a lot of time and effort.

Need-based guidance

Based on the identified learning gaps, the tuition shall provide need-based and personalized guidance to the child. This guidance can be in the form of video lectures and doubt clearing sessions that address your child’s needs pin pointedly and help improve her performance in a big way.

The mechanism is simple, the child registers her queries or the specific questions that she is not able to solve, and the tuition offers detailed solutions and video explanations for them. Believe us, this kind of online tuition mechanism is not only possible but also highly desirable in today’s time.

Assessment, evaluation & feedback

Good online tuition must also provide enough opportunities for the child to evaluate her academic performance and receive expert feedback that helps her improve over a period of time. In fact, such feedback will also help identify some hidden gaps which could not be identified by other exercises. Further, regular assessment, evaluation, and feedback will boost the child’s confidence in online tuition and help her stay motivated.

What you can do?

If despite the fact that your child is going to tuition, she is still getting low marks at school, it is certain that the tuition itself is lacking somewhere and its approach is not the right one. Then what is the use of continuing with such tuition and wasting both your child’s time and your hard-earned money?

Equipped with all this knowledge, your obvious next step should be to find good online tuition for your child - tuition that imbibes all the features that we have described above. And believe us; it is not hard to find such tuition. One prime example of it is right here in front of you - The Tuition Arena. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let us build your child’s future together!

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