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My child did not get into grammar school and I am so upset, will my child be able to succeed in secondary school?

The Tuition Arena - January 2021

My child did not get into grammar school and I am so upset, will my child be able to succeed in secondary school?

Going to a grammar school, no doubt is important to build the academic foundation of a child. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why grammar schools have been so popular among young kids and their parents, for the longest period of time.

But what if your child did not get into a grammar school in the early years? Is it the end of the road for her? Will further studies at the secondary level suffer due to this? If yes, then how can you as a parent makeup for it? These are some of the questions that we try to find the answers to, through this article.

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One of the starting points to discover the alternatives and/or supplements for the traditional grammar school is to understand what a good teaching and learning paradigm looks like. We have to understand where a grammar school lacks, and how your child not going to grammar school can actually be turned into an opportunity, rather than a deficiency. Let’s start!

What is teaching and learning actually all about?

Studies have found that in most scenarios across the world, teachers tend to follow a purely theoretical approach towards teaching. And guess what? This is true, especially for grammar schools. In fact, given the aura that has been built around the grammar schools, many parents also end up believing that sending the child to a grammar school is the only way to ensure academic success. However, this is far from the truth. This is not how the process of teaching and learning actually works!

Learning is more about one’s approach towards the subject, one’s understanding, one’s comprehension, and logical abilities. If a child learns a subject by following this approach, then it will be a lifelong learning and she would never fail in that field of study, anywhere in life. In fact, adopting a practical rather than a theoretical approach improves the overall personality of the child - including knowledge, articulation, and creative abilities. However, the sad part is that in the traditional setup of grammar schools, all these aspects are generally overlooked, and the focus is only on the concepts.

Children who go to grammar schools may have a strong theoretical foundation, but they end up having very little knowledge of how to apply those concepts and bring them to practice in their everyday use of the language. As a result of this, major gaps are left in the child’s learning, never to be addressed again. This is where the struggle begins, and these gaps can only be filled by alternative forms of learning.

All these facts help us drive the key point that we are trying to make- if your child did not get into grammar school, then not much is lost. In fact, it can be seen as a great opportunity to start all over again, and learn grammar the right way! But how can that be done, and what should be the way forward? Let us see in the next section.

Adopting a practical rather than a theoretical approach improves the overall personality of the child - including knowledge, articulation, and creative abilities.

Is tuition helpful for learning?

What is the right time to go for tuition?

The short answer is - Yes. Tuition can be one of the best ways to make your child learn and ensure that she does well in secondary school. Tuition can help your child have a customized and personalized approach towards the subject, and fill the gaps in her learning. In fact, regular tuition can get you the desired results quickly, and you will be able to see a major improvement in the child’s skills in a short span of time.

However, the benefits of tuition are there only when you get your child the right kind of tuition. Otherwise, you will end up repeating the deficiencies of the grammar school all over again. But what kind of tuition is good tuition? What are the features of good tuition? Let us see.

What kind of tuition does your child need?

When it comes to choosing the right kind of tuition for your child, it can prove to be a really tricky decision to make. However, if you keep a few things in your mind, then you will certainly be able to choose the right tuition for your child.

What kind of tuition is a big no? Well, you must not send your child to a tuition center that follows a mass teaching approach with large class size. In such a tuition center, your child will not be able to get personalized attention from the instructor, and hence the gaps in her learning will be left unattended. Further, starting from scratch, and having classes for every small and trivial aspect would not be helpful. In fact, it will only waste your child’s time and energy.

Good tuition would be the one which:

  • Enable the child to understand concepts rather than mugging up or memorizing them
  • Focuses equally on all aspects of learning- reading, comprehension, verbal, written, logic, and interpretation
  • Makes your child practice on a regular basis, with proper assessment and feedback
  • Helps the child identify the gaps in learning, and works specifically on those areas of improvement
  • Assists the child in preparing notes for revision and future reference

In fact, in today’s digital age, an online tutoring solution like The Tuition Arena can be the perfect fit. It helps your child practice in a coherent manner, get evaluated, improvise on weak areas, create notes, revise - all under one platform!

What is the right time to go for tuition?

Having understood the transformative effects that good tuition can bring to your child’s learning, one question that you might be wondering about is what would be the right time to go for tuitions? Well, a simple answer to that would be as soon as possible! Online tuitions can start as early as your child attaining 3 years of age. In fact, it can act as a substitute for grammar schools. If your child has missed going to grammar school early on, then you can get her the right tuition right away!

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