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As a parent, what can I do to help my child do well in their academic school work?

The Tuition Arena - January 2021

3 steps to help your child do well in their academic school work

It is a widely accepted fact that parents have an important role to play in the child’s academic performance. The parents’ active contribution to the child’s academic school work not only boosts the confidence of the child, but it can also work wonders for the child’s capabilities and learning ability.
While the 21st-century parents, no doubt, are willing to contribute actively to their child’s academic, but how and in what ways they can do so, is something they are not adequately aware of, even today. There are many ways that parents can help their children.

However, there are certain questions - Is the parents’ role limited to ensuring that the child is doing the homework on time, or there is something more they can do? Do the parents themselves have to help their child all the time, or can they take some external help as well? We help you find answers to all such questions.

Helping your child do well in their academic school work requires a structured and well-balanced approach. Following such an approach ensures that all aspects of your child’s growth and learning are taken care of. Here, we suggest a 3-step model through which you can achieve that. So without much adieu, let’s get straight into it!

3 steps to help your child do well in their academic school work

1. Be Your Child’s Academic Companion

The first and the most basic thing that you should do as a parent to become your child’s academic companion. Many parents make the mistake to believe that if they are sending their child to a good grammar school or have got tuition for them, their job as a parent is done. No doubt this becomes a major cause of the child’s dismal performance at school, in the long run.

3 steps to help your child do well in their academic school work

A better approach is to communicate and engage continuously with your child regarding their academics. Ask your child about their progress at school on a regular basis. Be very open and welcoming in communication so that the child also feels free to share her academic issues and difficulties with you. Also, look for subtle signs of academic stress and frustration in your child, which can be a fairly good indicator if something is not going fine as far as academics are concerned.

This engagement and academic companionship with your child will take little of your time every day but will have a far-reaching impact on your child’s performance. Certainly, active engagement in your child’s academics is the first thing that should ensure before moving to the next step.

2. Identify What Your Child Needs

Once you are communicating actively with your child, it will not take much effort to move to the next step, which is, to identify the exact gaps in your child’s learning. This will help you identify the subjects or areas that your child is struggling with. Further, you will also be able to figure out the cause of your child’s struggles.

For example, if your child is finding it difficult to absorb and retain what is being taught in mathematics, the reason can be lapses in the teacher’s teaching methodology, lack of motivation on the child’s part, or any other.

Being aware of the root cause and source of your child’s problems will let you find the right solutions to them, isn’t it? Based on the needs of the child, you can counsel the child yourself, work on the learning patterns, arrange good tuition, and more, as the situation may demand. Therefore, the second important step towards ensuring your child’s academic performance is to identify your child’s needs.

3. Get Your Child External Academic Help

The third and the most important step towards helping your child do well in their academic school work are to get the right kind of external help for them. Believe us, this will put an end to a majority of your child’s academic struggles, and will act as the final nail in the coffin! However, the catch here is to get external help that is ‘right’ for your child.

Yes, by external help we are referring to tuition itself. However, will the regular tuition work for your child? Does your child require a repeat of the entire academic curriculum? Will it be an optimal solution to your child’s academic requirements? Certainly not!

customized online tuition solutions

Good tuition for your child will be the one that helps your child fill the exact learning gaps that you identified in step number 2. Such tuition will not only save your child’s precious time but a lot of unnecessary effort as well. Today you have many options to benefit from, in the form of customized online tuition solutions.

For example, the Tuition Arena provides you a platform where the child can practice a large of questions on a variety of subjects. Not only this, but the child can also ask for video solutions from expert teachers for the problems that she has doubts about. The Tuition Arena ensures that such video solutions are provided to the child within a period of 24 hours. Isn’t it simply amazing?!

You, as a parent, no doubt, have a very important role to play in your child’s academic performance and progress. However, it is very important to adopt a structured and balanced approach towards it. First, you should establish an open communication channel with the child and engage with them in their academic endeavors. Second, you should identify the areas of concern in your child’s academics, and what exactly they need. Thirdly you should get the right kind of academic help for your child in the form of good online tuition like the one from ‘The Tuition Arena’.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to make a significant contribution to your child’s performance at school. Believe us, your efforts will soon transform into results as your child will start to do well in their academic school work.

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